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Origins of the Balobedu of ba Mamaila Tribe

Balobedu ba MamailaThe Mamaila tribe is part of a bigger ethnic group known today as the Balobedu or Bolobedu . This is an acknowledgement of their origin and today they are officially known as the Balobedu ba Mamaila. The Balobedu originated North of Limpopo as an offshoot of the ancient Karanga people of Bokgalaka who’s origins were in Zimbabwe. In the early 17th century, the Balobedu broke away from the old Monomotapa Empire of the Karanga and emigrated Southward over the Limpopo river to the area they still occupy today. The official year of their arrival was 1620. They were known as the Kolobe people after their totem, the pig. Although they cannot be regarded as of pure Sotho stock, they were soon assimilated into the Sotho culture and became accepted as such today. The Mamaila tribe broke away from the main group, the Modjadji, during the 1720′s and formed an independent tribe under their Chief Mamaila.