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The purpose of the Website villagersBalobedu ba Mamaila and other interested parties, here is a platform provided for the community to interact with each other, share ideas, access information and updates so as to continuously build unity, advance and prepare residents for the future. It is the intention of the sponsors and creators of the site that the use and access adheres to universal principles of honesty, respect, integrity, Ubuntu and that human rights and dignity of people are upheld.

All stakeholders with an interest in corporate social responsibility, investing in communities, large and small businesses and entrepreneurs should use the site to understand activities and projects in the communities and identify new opportunities for partnerships. There are about 14 villages under the leadership of Kgosi Kolobetona Mamaila and Kgosi Mphotwane Mamaila. Various community initiatives are currently underway to uplift the communities.

There is huge potential for greater and more economic activity as seen through different developments in and around the areas. The Royal Councils together with their representatives work together with community members to identify areas of opportunity and growth resulting in better and sustainable lively-hoods. Small and Medium enterprises are active in the communities creating jobs and sustaining the local economy.

Education is key and schools are involved in programmes that enhance the skills and knowledge of their learners. Improving pass rates and producing graduates is paramount in the minds of educators and parents alike as they believe an educated learner leads to a better community and a better nation. Balobedu ba Mamaila have a rich history stemming from Central Africa to their settlement at Nahakwe. This history is passed on from generation to generation through informal and formal education and cultural programmes.

Some of the key challenges are health and poverty. There are initiatives identified to bolster health and alleviate poverty which is one of the key deliverables of government past, present and future. As the saying goes ‘a hungry stomach is a far much better thinker than a skull full of brains’. Thobela di Kolobe.